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Buick Abdominal muscles lights , Abdominal muscles method just isn't doing work - 12/05/2013

Stomach muscles malfunction indicator BUICK car or truck dashboard lights , Ab muscles procedure will not get the job done, brake locking.

Troubleshooting and exclusion

Since the Stomach muscles malfunction indicator mild around the dashboard driving , indicating which the personal computer data Abs fault code . Use obd2 code reader elm327 go through fault codes , artificial acquire fault code 41. Examine the fault code table that: Fault code 41 signifies the appropriate entrance line solenoid valve is open.

To substantiate if the fault traces of solenoid valves , measuring which has a multimeter Abdominal muscles learn cylinder solenoid valve line , when measured and located to own a line as well as a line isn't connected to every other ( ordinary solenoid valve pin in between the strains is similar ) , it can figure out this line is open up 41 routes in the this means in the fault code . To find out the specific open up placement, just take the subsequent solutions:

Take away the Abdominal muscles grasp cylinder ( found over the entrance still left side on the engine compartment ) ; decomposition Ab muscles grasp cylinder, aside from the bottom will see 4 solenoid valves ( decomposition shell out specific awareness to not injury the seal ) , the Ab muscles master cylinder is opened, we see that there has been a marked disconnect a wire close , namely the fault ; applying a relatively modest wire towards the open conclusion from the wire welded together , then utilize a multimeter to evaluate the original block ohm open up wire lines are linked with one another the final results interlinked ; then re- install the Abdominal muscles grasp cylinder , specified technique to crystal clear the fault code according towards the guide , incorporating brake fluid, in accordance using the order of your Ab muscles technique air exclusion ( notice : we have to act as a way to deflate the provisions of rounds carried deflated, in any other case a thoroughly clean air can't be excluded , it's going to have an impact on the result from the Stomach muscles system ) . Examination , Stomach muscles method function returned to regular , troubleshooting.

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