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Automotive brake fluid should never be taken lightly knowledge about - 10/27/2013
Also known as brake oil brake fluid is used in automotive hydraulic brake system delivery pressure of the liquid.c68 scan tool tool Because of its direct relationship merits the reliability of brakes , so the brake fluid is related to the purchase of riders safety , must not be taken lightly.

Compared to most private owners, the brake fluid ( brake fluid ) is at least they care about and understand the contents of one , and talk about the engine , fuel consumption talking , talking about the brand , I believe that each person can say a car a few words, can one say brake fluid, there are very few people who truly understand it.

The higher the level , the better brake fluid ?

The answer is yes.

Reporters from the National Institute of Standards Industry Association Web site search on " brake fluid national standards ," the situation is: in January 2004 , China's implementation of internationally accepted standards of national mandatory product standards GB12981-2003 " Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid " . In accordance with GB12981-2003 " Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid ," will brake fluid into HZY3, HZY4, HZY5. Corresponding international DOT3, DOT4, DOT5. Brake fluid levels are low , consumers choose whether the brake fluid level is higher the better it ? And from Chinese oil company Sinopec Great Wall experts told reporters that the brake fluid level is higher, the better security . Under normal circumstances, micro, medium and low compliance HZY3 select appropriate standard car brake fluid , while the high-end cars is recommended to choose HZY4 standard brake fluid. Of course, the micro, middle and low auto select HZY4 do not have any problems, but better .

Brake fluid and life are closely related ?

The answer is yes.

According to the national standard brake fluid one of the drafters Yan Zili researcher, brake fluid is directly related to the quality of the merits of its vehicle safety. 2005 China has nearly 10 million people lost their lives in all kinds of traffic accidents, including vehicle brake not working , brake failure is an important factor. Because of this , the world has always attached great importance to the supervision of the brake fluid , the Western developed countries is to incorporate them into areas of road safety regulations be controlled . In China, the brake fluid is the implementation of national industrial products production license management . From the Great Wall Lubricating Oil Company 's technical experts told reporters that Western countries DOT standards very harsh , is not a simple deployment can be achieved. Many low-cost low-quality domestic market are labeled in accordance with DOT3 brake fluid standards, product quality and in fact failed .

Brake fluid must be replaced for two years ?

Again, the answer is yes.

From auto repair company Weijun Jiang Chief Engineer , brake fluid has a water feature , a long time without replacement will corrode the brake system to bring traffic hazard. He suggested that owners , brake fluid generally two years or 40,000 km must be mandatory replacement.

Wei workers said that the real qualified standard brake fluid has several characteristics : that in the heat, cold , high-speed , heat and other flexible working conditions to ensure transfer braking force ; brake systems on metallic and non-metallic material is not corrosive ; brake system can effectively lubricate moving parts , extending the service life of brake wheel cylinder and cups . " If the owners do not choose their own brake fluid, I suggest that they go to a regular replacement 4S shop to do , where relatively secure ." Wei worker proposal.

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