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Roman Catholic - websites devoted to  the Roman Catholic faith, its history, beliefs, clergy and all of its parishes and adherents.&

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Roman Catholic

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The content of your site must be related to Catholic issues of spirituality, theology, ethics, piety or practice. Sites included on this list often mirror the different and sometimes conflicting schools of Catholic thought and practice. Please be mindful that this ring is open to sites on all sides of the Catholic spectrum and you will find links to both conservative and progressive schools of Catholic thought with the common ground simply being the love of Jesus and the Catholic Church.

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post by rrriu1 - 01/31/2013

There is a very enigmatic unpublished symbol on a metal ring which presents a molteniron uncommon. Probably true its course meteoric origin.
It is a work of art which I will probably defend his Pharaonic origin. The symbolthat decorates a heavy ring with a seal that everyone will believe they haveseen somewhere before, because in effect it is.
To use meteorites in jewelry, currently have to be composed of iron and nickel,while the jewel ring initially call Moses, is well proven to be almost pureiron.
I am pleased that this symbol lost for millennia, for my presentation regainits prestige, or at least cease to be unpublished. 

Replied - 05/10/2013

The vaults of Gothic cathedrals have subliminalsymbolism. I inform also with photos, and who will have read, never get into aGothic cathedral and continue seeing the temple as before.  THID LINK INCLUDE UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR

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