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Christian Homeschooling Moms

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The Christian Homeschooling Moms On-Line (CHMO) Webring exists for Christian homeschooling mothers both new and veterans, who enjoy researching via the internet and seek to offer and recieve encouragement through the web sites within the ring dedicated to Christian homeschooling. If you are a Christian mother, currently homeschooling and have read and agree with our statement of faith, then please join us!

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Castles, birds and reading!!! - 03/22/2013

This week we have continued our theme on Obedience, using another bible study from Home Life Ministries.  We have all found this particular one to be very powerful and caused us all to think, including me :) And we are seeing the beginnings of break through with one of our children in this area - Praise the Lord! My husband first made an aeroplane with Josef this week and the craze caught on throughout the family! Josef was very proud of his aeroplane that daddy made him :) daddy labelled it 'Josefs' fast plane'. he continually walked up to me and told me 'daddy made this for me'. And look, he'd say, it says 'Josefs' fast plane'! During the week everyone was making planes! We even took a walk to the park, for a plane flying contest! Adele and Avril spent time working out how the wind affected the flight of their planes. We also had a quick play.. Adele has been partaking in an art group this term, run by Bernie Meyers, a local artist. Their focus has been on watercolours. Each week they learn technique and tackle a new subject. This week it was the rose. On return this week, she sat down to create a card for a special occasion. Adele and I have this week reviewed some of the maths work that she has recently tackled. I noticed that we needed to refocus on some of these skills together. Damon has been continuing his journey into the world of birds, flight and feathers. Damon's experiment this week, was to make a bird bath. he had to hypothesize about which bath the birds ...

Castles, birds and reading!!!

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