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Christian Homeschooling Moms

Manager: preciousdays
The Christian Homeschooling Moms On-Line (CHMO) Webring exists for Christian homeschooling mothers both new and veterans, who enjoy researching via the internet and seek to offer and recieve encouragement through the web sites within the ring dedicated to Christian homeschooling. If you are a Christian mother, currently homeschooling and have read and agree with our statement of faith, then please join us!

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Easter Adventures!!! - 04/04/2013

Last week we took time off our normal studies to focus on Easter and the meaning that comes with celebrating this event. The two big kids and I worked through some catechisms from the book, Truth and Grace Memory book. We searched the scriptures on Sin, looking at Adam and Eve, why they ate the fruit, who tempted them, what was their consequence and how it has effected us! We also searched the scriptures for what our sins deserve and we talked about if anyone can go to heaven with a sinful nature! We discovered the answer was no! So what hope do we have? Jesus! We looked up the word - regeneration - a change of heart. How do we get this change of heart? Through the Holy Spirit! We looked up righteousness - God's goodness! Can we get to heaven by our own righteousness? The answer is No! No one is good enough! So what hope do we have? Jesus! We found out what a covenant is - an agreement between two or more persons. And we discovered the Covenant of Grace! The agreement made with God and His people to save them from their sins! We looked at what Jesus undertook in this covenant - keep Holy law for His people and to SUFFER punishment due to our sins! We discussed whether Jesus ever sinned - the answer NO! But He died for ours! We are justified through Jesus. We have been granted righteousness! He saves those who repent of their sin and believe Jesus! we need to be sorry for our sin and to hate it, turn our backs on it because God dislikes it! Only through faith in Jesus Christ ...

Easter Adventures!!!

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