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Christian Homeschooling Moms

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The Christian Homeschooling Moms On-Line (CHMO) Webring exists for Christian homeschooling mothers both new and veterans, who enjoy researching via the internet and seek to offer and recieve encouragement through the web sites within the ring dedicated to Christian homeschooling. If you are a Christian mother, currently homeschooling and have read and agree with our statement of faith, then please join us!

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Quilt, Motorcycles and Spanish I - 05/16/2013

This is the quilt I am working on right now.  I am hand piecing nine patch squares.  I thought maybe I would cheat today and machine piece one nine patch square...but I really did not like it nearly as much as hand-stitching.  There is real therapy in concentrating on the next stitch.  It keeps the mind busy, yet relaxed.  I would need to relax too.  Today Andrew announced that he and my brother will be visiting a guy tomorrow to see about purchasing a 1980 motorcycle of some sort.  Ack!  I'm not sure my momma's heart can take the danger involved in a motorcycle.  But Drew is an adult....and it his choice.  On the upside, I'm sure that this development will certainly improve my prayer life. Did a full day of school.  Had an interesting conversation with Sam about the waste of the high school years.  We talked more about dual enrollment.  He expressed his disdain for FLVS Spanish.  I told him I would not  insist he take Spanish II with FLVS if it were truly making him miserable.  But he will  have to take it at the community college if we didn't find an adequate substitute here at home.  He seemed relieved.  He's making an A in Spanish I, and has learned alot...but I gather that he doesn't like the phone assessments.  He feels put on the spot and never is sure what to expect. The busy work is time consuming and is not adding to his education in anyway.  (Other than charact...

Quilt, Motorcycles and Spanish I

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