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Christian Homeschooling Moms - Untitled document The Christian Homeschooling Moms On-Line (CHMO) Webring exists for Christian homeschooling mothers bo

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Christian Homeschooling Moms

Manager: preciousdays
The Christian Homeschooling Moms On-Line (CHMO) Webring exists for Christian homeschooling mothers both new and veterans, who enjoy researching via the internet and seek to offer and recieve encouragement through the web sites within the ring dedicated to Christian homeschooling. If you are a Christian mother, currently homeschooling and have read and agree with our statement of faith, then please join us!

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Transitions: Who Am I? - 05/17/2013

I am forty-five years old. I have home educated my children since 1998. But, "Homeschool Mom," is not who I am. I have been on a journey of sorts in the past many years, and after having nurtured and encouraged my children to walk in the way they should go - exploring how God put them together, I think I forgot to do that very same thing for myself! Or perhaps, it just wasn't my time? I admit that I have had some of my own growing up to do. (Don't we all?) Maybe the Lord needed me to grow stronger in relationship with Him before I looked too deeply at myself. Or maybe I, (an imperfect wife), was too busy being married for twenty three years to my imperfect husband and raising our imperfect children? (Okay...yeah, that could be it.) At any rate, here I am. I want to refocus, renew my mind, and take delight in how God created me - so that I might more fully use my gifts, talents and time to serve Jesus, both now and in the future, when I no longer have children at home. I want to be purposeful in my walk. I desire to know myself and my Lord, in such a way, that I can be longer tossed around by anything that isn't God's plan for myself or my family. So my assignment: To define myself without mentioning the words wife, mother or homeschooling. To take a deep look at all that I am, all that I've experienced, all that I enjoy (or not) and place it at the foot of the Cross. Who does God say I am? What are my interests, gifts, talents or skills? What are my likes and di...

Transitions: Who Am I?

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