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Spirit Filled WebRing - A Ring for Sites that show the active working of the Holy Spirit....The Spirit Filled Webring is open to any website sho

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Spirit Filled WebRing

Manager: spiritfire777
A Ring for Sites that show the active working of the Holy Spirit....The Spirit Filled Webring is open to any website showing the active workings of the Holy Spirit today....It is pretty much inter-denominational. Meaning, as long as your website shows the Holy Spirit as actively working in your site, personal life, ministry or church you are welcome.... This is no place for debateing, there are many other fine webrings for that, in other places on the web....Our sites are positive sites showing the true essence of what being "Spirit Filled " actually means, from our personal perspective, as given us by the Lord.... This may include, but is not limited to:.. Our personal testamonies, Reports of revival, Healing and miracles of God, How the Lord guides our walk with Him, Prophecies in line with the Word of God, Teachings of the gifts, Music ministries, Holy Spirit led arts, includeing web graphics..... And much much more.... We try to be a active ring, and visit others sites as we can, in able to spread the Word of the Lord..


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There but for the Grace of God go I... fresh_clay 02/04/2009 (1 posts) Addiction, Recovery an   more
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