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Nuts and Heretics - All nutty and strange websites are welcome! This is a safe haven where we can dream . . . a place where freaks can

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Nuts and Heretics

Manager: celebjoke
somewhere is a place we dream of ... a place where freaks can go to express what society considers weird, abnormal, dark, sacreligious, or obscene ... somewhere welcomes outcasts, misfits, and those that walk a line somewhat discordant with that of the accepted norm ... we embrace the chaos in ourselves, and give birth to our dancing stars ... somewhere is where we go when we want to fly, scream, laugh out loud, or ponder the meaning of the pocket fisherman ...

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Shades of Reality - 12/10/2008

This is the personal site of a fantasy author wannabe. This particular shade of reality holds a novel in progress, short fiction, a few poems, and random thoughts. While Iím sure you could find a better way to kill a few moments, if you have a fetish vampires, fallen angels, goats, or skinny might want to take a look. Well...not really skinny pigs.

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