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Ring Of Atheists - Features sites owned by people who are Atheist or Agnostic. Sites need not be focused on Atheism but can have some sort

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Ring Of Atheists

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Features sites owned by people who are Atheist or Agnostic. Sites need not be focused on Atheism but can have some sort of Atheistic content. This ring is intended to link us together based on our fundamental lack of belief, and to celebrate the diversity in other aspects of our lives.




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   Evolutionary Psychology Preview Go
Universal Law, Evolution, Natural Selection, Transpersonal Psychology, Inspiration, Interactive Relationships, Personal Attainment, Health, Evolutionary Spirituality, Revolution. Methods of science applied to goals of religion. Systematic self-help from an evolutionary perspective.
   Why God Did not Write the Bible Preview Go
Dissects the preposterous Noah's ark legend. Biblical "oopsies" -- inconsistencies.
   The Amicable Atheist Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Sweet, friendly, and intelligent godlessness.

   Atheism a la Carte Preview Go
This web page presents essays about what it means to be an atheist in a religious world. It explores societal stereotypes and prejudices that are directed against atheists as distinct from prejudices against those who "believe" in gods, but differently.
   The Truth About God Preview Go
A atheist site with views on everything from religion (of course) to movies to political issues.
   Eevolutionary Spirituality Preview Go
Short essay on Evolutionary Spirituality, with links to several free books based upon Evolutionary / Revolutionary Spirituality.
   Union County, NJ Atheists Preview Go
The official website of the new local Atheist group.
   Rational Compassionate Living Preview Go
Essays, fun pop-up quiz, on-line books on God's existence and the Bible by former fundamentalist now turned atheist.
   Kizu's Hymn Parody Page Preview Go
Parodies of traditional Christian Hymns, Plus links to sites regarding ex-Christians, recovery from fundimentalism, and more webrings.
I have been an Atheist for most of my life, but when I found this Atheist webring, I knew I would enjoy it..There are so many nice Atheist links and articles here, and I do enjoying visiting each person's site.

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