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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web - The Nichiren Web is Open to all websites that explicitly honor the Lotus Sutra, including but not limited to Tendai and

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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web

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The Nichiren Web is Open to all websites that explicitly honor the Lotus Sutra, including but not limited to Tendai and the many Schools which derive from the 13th century Buddhist priest, Nichiren DaiShonin, who lived from 1222-1282 during Japan's Kamakura period. A project of the interfaith oriented, Nichiren's Coffeehouse.

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   Online Publications by Jacqueline I. Stone, Ph.D. Preview Go
An unofficial listing of books and essays by the great Tendai-Hokke scholar and practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, Dr. Jacquie Stone. Nichiren's Coffeehouse is an Amazon.com Associate.
   Rissho Kosei-kai Preview Go
One of the largest New Religions in Japan based on the Lotus Sutra, which not only has a large organization in Japan, but has spread far and wide, to the USA and beyond. Includes an Amazon.com kiosk with the best-selling books by Nikkyo Niwano and the Kosei Publishing Company.
   Honmon Butsuryu Schools Preview Go
Links and resources for Honmon Butsuryu Shu and Honmon Butsuryu Ko in Japan and around the world.

   St. Nichiren Records Visit in a Dream: 25 June 1254 Preview Go
The two newest halographs in the GohonzonShu (1999) drawn by Nichiren at the very begining of his teaching career after two fiery & passionate buddhist deities called Fudo & Aizen visited him in a dream to urge him to propagate the Lotus Sutra. All Nichiren's Mandalas from the very begining include these two characters as sanskrit seed syllables on the far right & far left.
   The Myohorenge Dharani Kyo Preview Go
An adaptation of Reiyukai's Darani Kyo using Nichiren Shu's Myohorengekyo Yohon. Reciting this Darani Kyo is the primary supporting practice of many Reiyukai members. It includes the Dharani in Lotus Sutra Chapters 26 & 28.
   World Peace Pagodas Preview Go
Go on a pilgrimage on the 'net to one or more of Nipponzan Myohoji's lovely Peace Pagodas and Sanghas in Japan and around the world!
   Dragons & Demons in Buddhism Preview Go
Learn about the Dragon King & his daughter who attained Enlightenment in the Lotus Sutra, and the Demon Mother & her daughters: all protective deities who are present on the Great Mandala of the Nichiren School.
   LotusSutra.net Preview Go
The short-cut address for Nichiren's Coffeehouse, the RingMaster's Buddhist homepage.
   SGI Around the World Preview Go
An extensive listing of official, non-official and personal websites for the Soka Gakkai International.
   'C' Directory of Lotus Sutra Schools Preview Go
An extensive interfaith listing of Buddhist temples, community centers, sanghas and more in California, the state with the most Nichiren Schools, plus listings for Colorado, Connecticut, the USA and the world.

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