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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web - The Nichiren Web is Open to all websites that explicitly honor the Lotus Sutra, including but not limited to Tendai and

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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web

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The Nichiren Web is Open to all websites that explicitly honor the Lotus Sutra, including but not limited to Tendai and the many Schools which derive from the 13th century Buddhist priest, Nichiren DaiShonin, who lived from 1222-1282 during Japan's Kamakura period. A project of the interfaith oriented, Nichiren's Coffeehouse.

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   'D-G' Directory of Lotus Sutra Schools Preview Go
An interfaith listing of Buddhist temples, community centers, sanghas and more.... in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, the USA and the world.
   CampRoss-ji-ha Kannon-shu Preview Go
The spiritual wanderings and pilgrimages of a 20 year buddhist. Includes pics of my altar which has evolved into a 3D representation honouring the Lotus Sutra using the many forms of Kwan-yin, the Mother of Compassion, She who Hears the Sufferings of the World.
   The Writings of Nichiren DaiShonin Preview Go
A complete listing of the authenitic writings of the priest Nichiren who lived in 13th century Japan; with extensive links to gosho translations in many Western languages.

   Fuju Fuse Preview Go
Links and resources for the Kempon Hokke Shu and other fuju fuse (not giving, not receiving) sects of Nichiren Buddhism; includes transcriptions of several ancient documents on the evolution of fuju fuse doctrine in Japan which are not available elsewhere on the net.
   Reiyukai Circle of Friends Preview Go
The oldest (and one of the largest) New Religions based on the Lotus Sutra to spring out of Japan in the 20th century. Very successful in their homeland, they've also created a large network of small family oriented organizations in the USA and beyond.
   Frodo Crosses the Sea of Suffering Preview Go
A modern Buddhist tale and take-off of the Lord of the Rings....
   Nichiren Links and Resources Preview Go
An interfaith resource to learn about Nichiren DaiShoinin (1222-1282) plus scholarly articles by Dr Jacquie Stone, Lucia Dolce and others.
   Who's Who on the Gohonzon? Preview Go
NEW! Perhaps the most extensive online character-by-character explanation of the Great Mandala of the Nichiren School by the Rev Ryuei. Nichiren Buddhists of all persuasions are likely to enjoy & learn from this comprehensive series of webpages on the buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas, men, women & non-human beings in Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Mandala & in their roles in the broa
   Independent Nichiren Buddhism Preview Go
Links and resources for a growing movement toward nonsectarian Buddhism; includes New Age groups in Japan, USA and Europe; as well as some personal homepages for independent minded buddhists of various persuasions.
   Essays by Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick Preview Go
Essays and Sutra studies on Mahayana Buddhism and the Nichiren Shu, the history of the Hokke-shu, the practice of the Lotus Sutra, and FAQs for Christians.

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