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Recovering from Religion (11 Sites, 78 Hits) 06/23/2001

Featured Ring The purpose of this webring is to link together sites which provide support and promote healing for those who have left religious fundamentalism. If you are an ex-believer with a homepage or website detailing your exit from religion, or if your site contains support resources for those who have left or are leaving a dogmatic religion, consider adding your page/site to our ring.

Infidels Online (6 Sites, 5 Hits) 06/12/2004
Featured Ring This rings contains sites of an unorthodox nature. Some are critical of religion, all present a viewpoint different from the norm. Call them freethinkers, infidels, unorthodox, or beyond society's standards.


The Blasphemy Ring (5 Sites, 43 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Welcome to the Blasphemy Ring. These sites are generally irreverent, blasphemous, and usually anti-religious. This can be in any form from general religion bashing to Bible-debunking to Jesus jokes, it really doesn't matter! Seeing sites like these makes baby Jesus cry. Note: this is not a ring for Marilyn Manson sites.

Deism WebRing (5 Sites, 22 Hits) 01/09/2004
Featured Ring Deism WebRing

Agnosticism (5 Sites, 18 Hits) 09/14/2004
Featured Ring Agnosticism is the view that human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify knowledge whether God exists or does not. 





GOD IS A CONCEPT RING (3 Sites, 11 Hits) 02/04/2003
Featured Ring This ring provides an opportunity for both Christians, and Atheists to share their views within the same community. After all, we are just human. Personally, I take more value from input from people that believe different than me. I have seen too many ringmasters that will not allow opposing beliefs.

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