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A ring for sannyasins,Osho lovers, zen meditation and trantric mediation




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Articles contributed to Osho-Ring

The making of the comic book: The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair by otoons (01/14/2012 10:51:21)

With some friends we got the idea to do a comic about Osho., meditation  and his commune  around 1988 while living in Pune at the Osho resort.

A first draft was presented to Osho who then said: …”what is this – kids book?” then he saw Swami Niskrya and Swami Sadarji caricatures in it and he said: …”publish it!”

I later took the lead in further editing the story and expanded the drawings to allow a broader audience to enjoy the readings. The originals had Osho as a comic character, which I did not like and chanced with the concept of an empty chair talking and flying around.

For me this comic is very important as it explains simple tools how one can use the Dynamic Meditation and the Mystic Rose Meditation before one can truly sit still. It also explains the search for truth, for love, the seeking for god, for the true self.

Also it gives a little glimpse of Osho’s commune, how his people lived together in love, laughter and meditation additionally explaining our therapies and growth groups happening in Osho’s centers in a fun and humorous way.

Also we explained the serious ecological problems now days, the sexual repression of all the religions and the sick outcome like pedophilia, AIDS, and sexual perversion. It explains the politicians, what happened after the Oregon commune, how they prevented him to land anywhere in western countries, the jailing and poison and murder of Osho.

If I look at all the turmoil’s that are currently going on around the world today, nothing has changed, and at the essence we can only change if we change something within ourselves.

The entire comic symbolizes the search and the findings of the master and the inner transformation one has to go through.

For me, although it is a comic, it is also piece of history where  characters like Sadarji, Niskrya, Maneesha, the musicians like Nivedano, Milarepa, Rupesh, Satgyan and many other caricatures are actually real people and the Osho evening meditations did happen in that way.

And of course it has a happy ending where nations disappear and everybody becomes free and enlightened.

Initially, my intention was to reach out to all the young seekers in the world, to introduce them to Osho and his people in a sincere, crazy and fun way and take away any potential stigma.

Hopefully, it will put a smile on the face for all the people they do recognize themselves in the comic as they were there around that time.

The book is now available as a Kindle e-book , Paperback and Harcover with Amazon and it looks very colorful, fantastic and professional.

 I am also planning to create posters of separate pages, e.g. explanation of the dynamic meditation. 

For further interest please contact me directly at: and I will send some sample pages.

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